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People Behind TechTag

Our team comes from all walks of life, but share the same passion of providing the best experience to every customer. At TechTag, everything we do, from engineering to marketing, is aimed at delivering the most convenient and secure way to sell your devices online.

Our Team

Elias Namil

(Chief Executive Officer)

Elias is in charge of building the TechTag teams culture and takes the role of driving the company’s performance.As CEO, Elias has five key goals for TechTag: offer great service, provide relentless customer support, ensure team members love their jobs, positively impact the community, and grow to become the number One. ReCommerce Company in America.His innate skills lie in his vision for potential, and his execution of this vision to bring his ideas to the forefront of our modern world.

Yazen Elhamad

(Chief Operating Officer)

As Chief Operations Officer, Yazen is responsible for the daily operations of the company and is second in command at TechTag. Yazen maintains and helps distribute the morals and values of an honest business, while expanding the brand to make it a common name. Motivated to create a loving experience with every customer, Yazen facilitates operations with keeping every customer in mind. Yazen has an amazing work ethic, determination, and drive to make TechTag a successful business.

Shivam Patel

(VP of Operations)

Motivated by a limitless passion for technology and finance, Shiv’s tremendous enthusiasm resonates through his contributions to the growth and development of TechTag and the company's relationship with its customers, merchants and employees. Since the company's commencement in 2015, Shiv has been committed to do whatever it takes to ensure the prolonged success of the company. Shiv utilizes his prior background in hospitality investment and management to contribute to the supervision of TechTag’s operations and financial structure.